Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Global-Warming Alarmism a Religion?

It seems there's no topic that will get someone's back up as quickly as global warming. Adults who want the government to limit carbon emissions are apparently unable to discuss their views the way they might discuss their other positions on science topics, such as whether gorillas are capable of using language or whether exposure to high-power lines causes cancer. They reject out of hand any data that conflicts with their belief and dismiss "deniers" as dupes or corporate stooges.

Earlier today, for example, the following was posted by an alarm-sounder on the politics discussion board at IMDb:

The vast majority of studies and models have been independently verified. The only ‘scientific’ dissent is from institutes connected strongly to polluting industries and researchers strongly dependent on their money.

That's the junk science.

In other words, any scientist who does not accept the premises of global-warming alarmism is ipso facto "damned." The creed requires belief in the coming global catastrophe. That is the Truth, in the same way that a given religious doctrine is the Truth for its believers.

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