Friday, March 27, 2009

Should I Buy an Amazon Kindle?

Tyler Cowen has another post about the Kindle, with a lot of interesting comments. One commenter says, "I can't decide if the Kindle is a right fit for me."

I agonized and researched for a long while before I finally bought my Kindle. But after I'd had it for a few days, I wished I had bought it sooner, so that I would have had that much more time to enjoy reading on it.

Based on my experience, here's a very simple test to decide whether you should buy a Kindle:

1. Do you read a lot?

2. Are the types of things you like to read available in Kindle format? (Go to Amazon and search for what you like in the Kindle Store.)

3. Are you able to take reasonably good care of electronic devices (you don't leave your cell phone on airplanes, you don't spill drinks on your laptop, etc.)?

4. Can you afford it?

If you answer Yes to all of the above, then go ahead and buy one. You will love it.

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