Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Podcast on the Employee Free Choice Act

Richard Epstein, a brilliant legal scholar and self-proclaimed classical liberal, provides a straight-from-the-hip podcast on Cato at Liberty about the Employee Free Choice Act -- what most people refer to as the "Card Check" bill.

This bill, favored by the ruling party, is likely to become law soon. Epstein's bottom line: (1) It maintains the winner-take-all monopoly view of labor relations, as first enacted in the 1930s under the Wagner Act; (2) it will make it easier for unions to organize within a business; (3) it will chill lawful efforts by employers to advocate that workers not unionize, by greatly increasing the penalties for going over the not-very-clear line; and (4) it will increase federal regulators' involvement in labor relations.

The podcast is only 10 minutes long and is packed with information, so you need to listen carefully. But he lays it all out very nicely.

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