Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Try This Yet Again

Blogger has been giving me trouble today. I wrote two posts that (in my opinion) were outstanding. Both of them disappeared into the ether. (Something to do with highlighting text and then hitting an up or down arrow. . . .)

In any event, here are the short versions:

1. Last night, President Obama said the government needs to "save and invest," but his proposed budget is projected to bring us bigger deficits than anything we experienced during the Bush administration. John at Power Line says Obama's statement was a "bald-faced lie" and provides a helpful chart. Cafe Hayek makes the same point.

2. I love the Amazon Kindle. I've had version 1.0 since August 2008. Reading has been my favorite pastime for as long as I can remember, and the Kindle makes it twice as enjoyable, if you can imagine such a thing. Blogger Steven Berlin Johnson offers a list of pros and cons. His cons don't bother me, but this particular pro is entirely true and not the least bit exaggerated: "Buying a book through the [on-line] store is absolutely magical. One-click, wait thirty seconds, and you're reading."

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